Webinar 1. jun: Getting More out of Microsoft Office

  • 1. june 2017
  • Kl. 19:00


Almost anyone who turns on a computer at work uses Microsoft Office, but the everyday user is barely scratching the surface of what is possible with this remarkable software package.

Webinar leader David Arnburg is a Microsoft desktop applications expert with more than twenty years experience as a trainer. Join David for this info-packed hour, where you'll learn about the hidden power and productivity of Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint.

You will learn in Excel:

  • How to save time by creating an AutoFill list
  • How to use Conditional Formatting to dynamically highlight content

You will learn in Outlook:

  • How to take advantage of Outlook's Quick Steps feature
  • How to use enhanced Search features

You will learn in Word:

  • How to use styles to quickly format your document
  • How to use Bookmarks in long documents

You will learn in PowerPoint:

  • How to create a PowerPoint presentation from a Word document
  • How to re-use existing slides in a presentation


David Arnburg

David Arnburg has been an applications instructor for over twenty years, and has been a Senior Applications Instructor with Global Knowledge since 1997. He specializes in teaching Microsoft Office applications, with particular expertise in Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access and Project.

Technical Requirements:

Internet connection and computer speakers for audio.

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